Mayboom Low Temperature Air Energy Flower Dryer - Sumisip

Monday, 26 July 2021

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City: Sumisip, Basilan
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When drying flowers, processors are more worried about: 1. The dried flower has a lot of debris and the flower shape becomes smaller; 2. The dried flower has serious loss of ingredients. Mayboom Low Temperature Air Energy Flower Dryer can dispel your worries and effectively guarantee the quality when drying flowers.
Why is Mayboom flower drying room an ideal equipment for customers?
1. Good drying effect: During the drying process, the drying quality of the flower can be guaranteed at each stage, so that the shape, color and fragrance of the flower after being dried are maintained in a higher quality range.
2. Accurate and intelligent: Mayboom flower dryer machine is equipped with an intelligent PLC microcomputer control system, which can accurately control the temperature, humidity, air volume, duration, mode, stage and other parameters during flower drying. At the same time, the flower drying machine can remember the previous settings, so the flower dryer only needs to be set once. Customers only need to turn it on to work in future time.
3. Environmental protection: The clean air-energy heat pump system is used as the heat source to heat the flower drying room without any pollutants. Not only ensures the quality of flower drying, but also protects the environment.
4. Clean and hygienic: The drying process is carried out in a closed drying room without any intrusion of pollutants. The clean heat source makes the dried flower clean and hygienic.